The Best Streaming Softwares for Beginners: Comparing Your Options

Software picks for beginner streamers

Live streaming software is a big deal these days and it’s not just a passing trend. It’s changing the way we watch and share videos online. Whether it’s people sharing their skills and knowledge, or gamers showing off their latest victories, live streaming is everywhere. In fact, the live-streaming market is growing fast! In 2022, … Read more

Optimal OBS Settings for New Streamers: A Beginner’s Guide

OBS video setting for twitch

Hey everyone! So, I’ve been using this software called OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) recently, and it’s pretty awesome. It is a free and open-source solution for offline recording and live streaming that is Mac and Windows-compliant. With an open canvas approach to tape creation, this tool can mix a variety of audio and video sources … Read more

10 Common Live Streaming Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid

Beginners Live Streaming Mistakes You Should Avoid

Live streaming is becoming more and more popular on social media platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitch, and Twitter Live. People use it to connect with others, build their brand, or even earn money. But, beginners often make errors that can stop them from reaching their goals. Whether you’re doing a live presentation on … Read more