XtreamerPro Firmware

Here you can download and install latest Xtreamer Pro firmware. 
Please follow installation instructions carefully.

Release History

Ver 2.7

* xFacebook - now you can get access to the most popular social network
* Newly compiled php with CURL, OpenSSL and Hash support

Ver 2.6

* Music JukeBox - use your Grooveshark account to browse and play music
* DVD backup
* 3TB drives support

Ver 2.5.4

PHP recompiled with Curl, json, bzip support.
Blu-Ray folder playback improvement.
Bug fixes

Ver 2.5.2

* Xtreamering - new section for all the community projects and official Internet feeds.
* Sub-folder playback
* Windows Live Essentials 2011 fix

Ver 2.4.2

1. No video output for MKV files with Compressed Headers
2. Progressive JPG support
3. Resolution, FPS, Current time and subtitle issues for some BD ISO files

Ver 2.4.1

Online streams enhanced controls

Bug fixes

Ver 2.4 (beta 20)

(1) Subtitle Browser

(2) HD Audio Passthrough

(3) Timer Off

(4) NTP Client

(5) Recently Watched Movies

(6) Online Download & update mechanisms for Xtreamer live + Jukebox

(7) Restricted Porn Section

(8) Hebrew TV GUI

(11) Password Protected Shares

(12) Improved Audio Streaming!

(13) Video Format Support

(14) RTSP Streaming Format

(15) Parser code for SMI file - modified. 

(16) RSS Local Movie Playback Improved 

(17) SQLite version 3.5.4 and PHP-5.3.2 

(18) Network Shares support via Xtreamer Web Server

(19) Play files and folders remotely with WEB UI

(20) HDMI Compatibility Improved

(21) Subtitle Lock

(22) Firmware Download system from internet

(23) HD audio support in MKV container

(24) Disk Spindown

(25) Youtube HD Support.

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