Xtreamer Media Player Firmware

Here you can download and install latest Xtreamer (MK1) and Xtreamer SideWinder firmware.
Please follow installation instructions carefully.

Release History

Ver 2.7

* xFacebook - now you can get access to the most popular social network
* Newly compiled php with CURL, OpenSSL and Hash support

Ver 2.6

* Music JukeBox - use your Grooveshark account to browse and play music
* DVD backup

Ver 2.5.4

PHP recompiled with Curl, json, bzip support.
Blu-Ray folder playback improvement.
Bug fixes

Ver 2.5.2

* Xtreamering - new section for all the community projects and official Internet feeds.
* Sub-folder playback
* Windows Live Essentials 2011 fix

Ver 2.4.2

1. No video output for MKV files with Compressed Headers
2. Progressive JPG support
3. Resolution, FPS, Current time and subtitle issues for some BD ISO files

Ver 2.4.1

Online streams enhanced controls

Bug fixes

Ver 2.4 beta 20 RC3

(1) Subtitle Browser

(2) HD Audio Passthrough*

(3) Timer Off

(4) NTP Client

(5) Recently Watched Movies

(6) Online Download & update mechanisms for Xtreamer live + Jukebox

(7) Restricted Porn Section

(8) Hebrew TV GUI

(11) Password Protected Shares

(12) Improved Audio Streaming!

(13) Video Format Support

(14) RTSP Streaming Format

(15) Parser code for SMI file - modified. 

(16) RSS Local Movie Playback Improved 

(17) SQLite version 3.5.4 and PHP-5.3.2 

(18) Network Shares support via Xtreamer Web Server

(19) Play files and folders remotely with WEB UI

(20) HDMI Compatibility Improved

(21) Subtitle Lock

(22) Firmware Download system from internet

(23) HD audio support in MKV container

(24) Disk Spindown

(25) Youtube HD Support.

* This functions works only on Xtreamer Pro & Xtreamer SideWinder new models.

Ver 2.3.1

1. System crash during Flac/Ogg/Wav file playback. Fixed.
2. System crash during playback or navigation in the “Internet” section with an internal HDD formatted by another formatting tool and not by Xtreamer. Fixed

Ver 2.3

Play files directly from web UI to TV

Play playlists from Web Remote Control to TV

Playlist Autorun feature

Ver 2.2

1. Blu-ray simple navigation.

a. Chapter navigation.(GOTO or Next button)

b. Audio navigation(AUDIO button)

c. Subtitle navigation(SUBTITLE button)

2. Ken Burns slideshow effect

a. During Photo playback.

b. Setup->Playback-Ken burns Slideshow Effect.

3. Hue & Saturation

a. Setup->A/V->Hue, Saturation.

4. Multi Audio output.(HDMI only)

a. Output AAC/FLAC/OGG/WAV 5.1 PCM

b. Setup->A/V->Digital output.

5. Wireless network

a. Static IP

b. WPS

6. DVD/Blu-ray folder auto play.

a. If folder is DVD/Blu-ray folder structure, Appear select window of “Browser folder and auto playback”

7. New RSS video (HD) sites added in Internet menu.

8. Change custom GUI image.

a. Web page->Setup->TV skin.

b. Support 16bits BMP(656 format)

9. Custom RSS(Personal) option in “Internet” menu to use user’s customized script from internal HDD.

Ver 2.1.3

Bugs Fixed:

1. Xtreamer crashes or reboots during video playback or when starting a next file. Fixed.

2. Thumbnail display bug. Fixed.

3. “Forbidden” symbol removed during reconnecting to network.

4. “DELETE(3)” button blocked in “Favorites” menu.

Ver 2.1.2


1. Web GUI NFS mount option .

- NFS mount is back in Web GUI.

- To mount a local directory input any name.

- The mounted directory will be visible in “Favorites” menu.

2. OSD font size increased 10%~20%.

3. File navigation speed increased for “Photos” tab.

Bugs Fixed:

4. User font selection bug.

5. External subtitle(ASS) detection bug.

6. Strange symbol displayed for missing character from user defined font.

7. Network shortcut login bug in “Favorites” menu.

Ver 2.1.1

Bugs fixed:

1. When pass-through option is selected, Mp3 playback with optical output doesn't work. Fixed.

2. Black screen appears on some TVs in HDMI 1080P output mode. Fixed.

3. Hebrew MKV embedded subtitles are not shown in order. Fixed.

- Select Hebrew in “Subtitle/ID3tag”

4. NAS mode cannot be started from Web UI. Fixed.

5. Can’t see folder for Music/Photos/Movies tabs from Favorites menu. Fixed.

6. Zoom Settings are not saved correctly. Fixed.

7. “Add to Favorites” removed from “FUNC” menu for “Media Library->Net”.

8. “Add to Favorites” removed from “FUNC” menu for “Media Library->Network Shares”.

- Folders can be added to favorites

9. In “Favorites” menu thumbnail don’t work in “Photo” tab. Fixed.

Ver 2.1

1. “Favorite” in Home menu.

- Needs Restore Defaults in setup menu.

- Add your favorite contents from HDD (Internal/External) to “Favorite”

- By pressing “Func(8)” key from Remote Control select “Add to Favorite”

- To remove from Favorite press “Func(8)” key and select “Delete from Favorite” from Favorite menu.

- Folders and files are displayed from “All” menu only, “Music/Photo/Video” menu only shows respective files not folders

2. Network shares (samba/NFS) auto scan.

- Accessible from “Media Library->Network Shares” menu.

- NFS Shortcut replaced by Network Shares

- NFS Client option also remover from Xtreamer Web UI “Setup” menu

- To reload list of share folders press “1” key

3. eTrayz auto search and mount.

- eTrayz can be auto searched and mounted from media library.

- Only one eTrayz device supported for auto mount now.

4. Estonian language support.

- Estonian language support for OSD and subtitle.

5. Not pirated DVD with CSS support.

6. User’s font(ttf) support for subtitles only

- Subtitle font can be change from Setup->Playback->User Subtitle Font

- Font file should be in internal HDD(first partition) or USB HDD(first partition) in “user_font” folder.

7. Subtitles on/off option

- Subtitle can be turn on/off from “Setup->Playback->Subtitle Default”

- Factory default in “subtitle on”

8. Subtitles border thickness can be changed

- During movie playback, press subtitles button from remote control and select thickness

- Thickness option is next to size option.

9. USB DVD AutoRun

- From “Setup->Playback->DVD AutoRun” on/off option can be selected

10. Unzip and Archive option from Xtreamer web UI

- From Xtreamer web UI .zip, .tar, .tar.bz2 type files can be unzipped

- Just click unzip icon located next to file name, select target dir and press “unzip” button

- So user can upload more than 10 files at a time as a zip file

- Select “File Manager->Archive” option and choose folder to make archive(tar)

- Folder can be downloaded at a time instead of downloading files one by one

11. Workgroup option

- User can change their workgroup from Xtreamer Web UI “Setup->Workgroup/Hostname”

- Under this workgroup they will find their Xtreamer samba share

- Samba share name change from samba 3.0.23c to xtreamer’s hostname..

12. HDMI chroma Sub-sampling set

- Can be selected from “Setup->A/V->HDMI chroma Sub-sampling set”

- “Auto” option will auto select one of YCbCr422 and YCbCr 444.

- “On” means YCbCr 422 (if supported).

- If Xtreamer connect to DVI, output is RGB444

Ver 2.0.2

*   Executing “Restore Default’ from setup menu, NFS share file deleted if there exists NFS mount shares.
*  Subtitle cut when display resolution 576p/PAL with Pan Scan 4:3 aspect ratio selected.
*    FTP server multiconnection support.

Ver 2.0.1

Bug fix:

Arabic missing character and character gap fixed.

Hebrew subtitle direction fixed.

Korean & Chinese & Japanese broken character fixed.

Xtreamer crash when Internet radio connect to wrong address/url.

NAS mode changed from “Go to Player” to “Reboot”.

Photo thumbnail changed from 5x4 to 4x3 matrix and size increased.

Subtitle offset lowest position changed to -50 from 0.

Preview playback starts from randomly 0~1/3 (before from 0~2/3)

When Movie preview is off, during movie playback, incorrect display of repeat icon removed from information window.

Display purple color on HDMI TV.

Ver 2.0

New features:

1.    BD ISO playback support.

-          Can’t supports menu navigation.

2.    Change from SD UI to HD UI.

3.    DTS HD Master Audio down-mixing and pass-through.

-          Pass-through(5.1ch )

4.    Dolby TrueHD down-mixing.

-          Pass-through(5.1 PCM format)

-          Direct pass-through (5.1ch) will be prepared soon.

5.    Internet Radio.

A.    “Internet Radio” menu added in main OSD.

B.    *MyRadio* link to MyRadio folder in internal HDD first partition root directory.

C.    .plsx extension detection support for internet radio.

D.    Same file format for .pls and .plsx

E.    User can use internet radio files residing in their internal or external HDD.

6.    Photo thumbnail display.(in “Photo” menu)

A.    Preview button toggles between “Preview off/Preview on/Photo Thumbnail” in “Photo” menu if there is any photo file in that folder.

7.    Network virtual Remote Control.

A.    URL http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/rc for mobile device.

B.    URL http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/rc2.

C.    Multilanguage support from keybord to search, rename etc.

D.    Usable from PC/IPhone/mobile hand phone(including web browser)

8.    Hostname Change Support

A.    Web setup->DDNS/Hostname

B.    \\hostname (to access Samba share), http://hostname:portnumber (to access web service).

9.    UI effect sound.

-          Setup->System->Effect Sound.

10. Video playback window size decreased in internet menu.

-      Press zoom button to switch to middle size, full screen, small Screen.

11. Zoom and navigation support for Weather map in internet -> weather menu.

12. Home menu UI can support multi language.

Ver 1.0.3(1)

1. Folder lock(Setup->System->Lock Control)

- Folder access control using password.

- Default password: 0000

2. NAS mode(Setup->System->Power Mode)

- Power Off: if press “Power” button, always power off

- NAS Mode: if press “power” button, go to NAS mode.

- Confirm Window: if press “power” button, appear pop up window for selection.

3. Cover.jpg/Folder.jpg support.

- If exist Cover.jpg/Foler.jpg inside folder, it will show that image in preview area when folder is selected.

- If there is no image with selected music file and cover.jpg/foler.jpg exist inside same folder, it will show that image in music jukebox area.

4. Subtitle font/outline color support.

- Basic color selection(White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta, Aqua, Purple, Gray, Black)

- Advance color selection(Manual select RGB 24 bits color support)

5. Time skip support during movie playback using navigation button.

- up: +3 minutes, down: -1minute, left: -10 seconds, +30 seconds

6. Display HDD/USB/NAS/UPnP/FTP/Wired/Wireless status in Home menu.

Ver 1.0.2

1. Added Xtreamer news at Internet service.(release note, tip, news)

2. Added user server address at UPNP setup to use internet service (RSS).

3. Supported MKV external subtitles.

4. Internet menu redecorated and lots of new channels added. (New Added ‘2009-08-07’)

5. NFS Client: Added NFS client option in web setup menu. Now user can add/delete his/her NFS server directories to Xtreamer using web interface.

6. Added HDMI Audio on/off option in SETUP->AV

Ver 1.0.1


1. Added multi languages - The new Firmware will now fully support OSD GUI and Subtitles in these languages. (Total of 22 languages will now be supported)

    Romanian, Arabic, Hebrew, Czech, Russian, Portuguese, Magyar (Hungrian), Polish, Swedish, Danish, Slovenian, Thai, Finnish, Dutch, Chinese, Korean, Italian, Espaniol,
    Deutsch, French, English (default)

2. Added 1080P 24HZ Support.

    GOTO Setup ==> AV ==> last menu ( 1080P 24HZ, Default : OFF )

3. Added option to turn off fan.


1. Add date on Phote information.
2. Fix bug for Display Photo file name on shuffle.


1. Fix bug of RED and GREEN button behavior on playback music
2. Change Jukebox UI
3. Support to diaplay UTF16 ID3 Tag

User Interface

1. Add button on format Window and Confirm Window.

What's new in this firmware?