Xtreamer JoyZ ROM releases

Xtreamer JoyZ 3.8.1



- Fixed: "Vibrate On Touch" option in Settings > Sound
- Fixed: Battery icon on statusbar no longer animates when charged to 100%
- Fixed: Incorrectly swapped SDCard mounts
- Fixed: Random SystemUI FC on fresh boot
- Fixed: Some minor issues with Baseband update
- Update: Snap Camera/Gallery returned, replacing original
- Update: Baseband version 0.18
- Update: Various Google-related apps
- Added: Experimental support for resetting battery controller calibration (details in battery health guide).

Xtreamer JoyZ 3.7.22 Jelly Bean


Jelly Bean Update

* Battery charging and draining issue is fixed.

* Phone overheating issue is fixed.

* Disappearing of Contacts after a reboot - fixed.

* Charging the phone with an adapter <1AMP AC - fixed


* New and exciting dialer app added.

* Apex Launcher updated

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