Xtreamer Mobile Download Links

You can find the links to the latest Xtreamer Mobile releases on this page. If you want to downgrade or read the full change logs please refer to the relevant device page on the right.

Please make sure to download the right software otherwise you are risking bricking your phone.

Manual Rom Installation procedure:

1. Copy ROM zip to SD card
2. Boot into recovery
3. Flash ROM zip 

Xtreamer Q

Ver 4.3.2 Xtreamer Q

Xtreamer Ban-G

Xtreamer Ban-G Ver 4.3.2

Xtreamer JoyZ

Xtreamer JoyZ 3.8.1

MIUI Xtreamer JoyZ 3.7.20 Open Beta

Xtreamer Aiki 4

Xtreamer Aiki 4"

Xtreamer Aiki 4" 3.8.13

Xtreamer Aiki 4"S

Xtreamer Aiki 4"S 3.9.2

Xtreamer Aiki 5

Xtreamer Aiki 5"

Xtreamer Aiki 3.9.4

Xtreamer Aiki 5"S

Xtreamer Aiki 5"S 3.7.2
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