Ver 3.0.0 for Xtreamer Elvira

Dear Friends and community members,

We are happy to present to you a new firmware for our Xtreamer Elvira media player. This release includes a major UI overhaul and plenty of new features.
We hope you will enjoy our little piece of magic.

Release notes

1. New UI and many UI tweaks.
2. Parental Control Implemented. Default password: 0000
3.Autoplay feature added:
How to use Autoplay: 
*Create a folder named by "Autoplay" in root of a USB device, and three folders named "movie", "photo" and "music". 
*Copy files into relevant folders.
*Choose "Movies", "Photos" or "Music" in Autoplay Settings
*Boot the device and the folder will automatically play the files
4. Search function on the Home page added. Press button 1 to search
5. GOTO function fixes
6. Display File Size in the list view added
7. Remember the language setting when resetting the settings to factory default.
8. GOTO OSD will turn off after 5 seconds if there no operation
9. Preferred language added in Setting
10. Various fixes
11. Surround sound added to Audio Settings


Due to the memory limitations we had to release 3 different versions. Please download the one you need.


Version of EU customers: http://download.xtre...726European.rar  v3.0.0 r20120726 21:56:43
Version with Hebrew and Arabic support: http://download.xtre...ebrewArabic.rar r20120725 16:47:10
Version with Korean and Japanese support: http://download.xtre...27JapKorean.rar  v3.0.0kj r20120727 15:06:50


How to install the firmware

  • Download a firmware file and un-RAR it. Find install.img and copy it into the root of a USB stick (we recommend a smaller stick, freshly formatted FAT32)
  • Unplug your Xtreamer Elvira from electricity.
  • Put the USB stick with the install.img file into a USB port on Xtreamer Elvira
  • Plug the device into power while pressing the POWER button on Elvira at the same time. Keep the button pressed for 5 to 10 seconds then release.

The procedure will start and will be visible on your TV screen. Please be patient.

Once the procedure is finished the device will reboot.

It is very important to reset the device's settings to factory defaults after every upgrade. 
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