eTRAYz Software downloads

Here you can download the latest e-TRAYz software patches and e-TRAYz Connector application.

Release History

Ver. 1.0.7

- FAN setting menu
- HTTPS support
- New e-Torrent functions
- eConnector support for Mac
- Many improvements
- Many bug fixes

Ver. 1.0.5

- {Installer} OS reinstall without Data partition Formatting
- {Web}{EPKG} TheHijackers APP Installer 2.0
- {e-Connector} {Language} Italiano, Hebrew
- {e-Connector} Searching e-TRAYz in LAN
and more...

Ver. 1.0.4

Mainly bug fixes

Ver. 1.0.3

- Changes FTP Setting Option : permitted to access /home folder by root

- Supports Samba Security mode changing : User Mode, Share Mode
(Public, External)

- SW Package Installation
* unrar and zip/unzip
* telnet
* phpMyAdmin
* Programming Modules: Curl, GD Library, ImageMagick
* Programming Language: CGI, PHP 5, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python
* transmission Torrent (/etc/init.d/transmission start/stop)

- Built-in
* phpmyadmin-
* grammafone

- {security} prohibits file move to unauthorized folder for general users
- {security} prohibits accessing to unauthoriaed web page for general users
- {e-TRAYz Web} removes sharing menu for general users
- {Setting} adds CIFS share option control
- {Setting} modifies firmware upgrade interface
- {Setting} seperates user interface for gateway of wired and wireless network
- {setting} Supports more stable SMTP server for yahoo and hotmail
- {e-downloader} adds some more error message for downloading failure.
- {Installer} adds warning message before HDD formatting.
- {e-TRAYz connector} adds authentication logics for additional sharing mode.

Ver 1.0

Change Log : (From "e-TRAYz Ver.1.0.0-beta4" to "Ver.1.0.0-stable")

- {e-TRAYz connector} Some bugs fixed
- {System} eTRAYz_ex daemon monitoring
- {System} smart fan optimize
- {Setting} Stabilizing 
- Some errors fixed.

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