Auto Folder Maker

This software was made by darkforcesjedi

This tool will automatically create a sperate folder of each of your movies.

Direct download link:

What's new in this firmware?

- Drag and drop source files (not folders, sorry) into the main window.
- Enter the term you want to match in the top text box
- Enter the replacement text in the bottom text box
- Press the button to rename the files in the listbox

The bold text is the source file name. The indented text is what it will be moved to. If a file does not match the "Find" criterion, it will be highlighted in red and the app won't do anything to it.

Screenshots show the folder before and after running the tool. The Zip file contains the EXE in the bin/release folder as well as the source code. I'm sure there are people on here that are way better with Regular Expression than I am who can make a search/replace that will get rid of all the "title.720p.h264.releasegroup.assortedgarbage.extension" in the target folder name.
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