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target & vision

Seoul, South Korea – February 16th, 2011

  Once again Xtreamer is set to revolutionize the pricing of the world of media players with its market leading, award winning Xtreamer series of Full HD Media Players and Solutions. The demand for an affordable PC that may serve as a media player is already apparent as this market develops.The Xtreamer Ultra Full HD Media Player / PC combines the most connected media player with the fastest consumer electronics media processor available - the Intel® Atom™ Dual Core processor, from the D525 series.

With the launch of Xtreamer Ultra we will continue to achieve our compelling mission in 2011 of being a leading provider of FULL HD comprehensive and capable media centers encapsulated into a very compact unit with a very aggressive price tag. The Xtreamer Ultra, is mainly aimed to set a completely new standard for the Linux, XBMC and Boxee communities and the media streamers industry as we know it. 

and more..

The Xtreamer ultra can run many apps and environments..


The Xtreamer Ultra is a portable HTPC equipped with 6 USB, eSATA, 4 Gb DDR3 RAM, HDMI, an integral IR remote control and powered by the nVidia ION2 Chip that allows vivid and crisp playback of FULL HD multimedia files.

The Xtreamer Ultra devices incorporate state-of-the-art technology, commonly used in high-end computing and consumer electronic solutions.

The highly refined manufacturing process, timeless engineering and careful quality-control have once again resulted in a product that works out of the box yet embraces the highest long-term aesthetic and commercial value.

We hope that anyone who wants a very capable yet portable PC will find the Xtreamer Ultra to be a rewarding experience and a worthy investment both as FULL HD streamer as well as a Windows 7 or Linux based computing system.

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Mission Goals

Over the last year and a half Xtreamer has successfully established itself as a well-known leading brand and the best price\performance full HD media streamer in the industry.
The Xtreamer products’ high recognition stems from the company’s devotion to bring the best money-for-value high performance products to our clients.

Besides creative features and solid build, the Xtreamer Ultra engineers also paid special attention to EMI, thermal, acoustics and further details to achieve complete customer satisfaction

To succeed in this ultra-competitive industry, Xtreamer Ultra aims to provide you with a great product as well as a great price, vibrant online community and efficient customer service.

and it even connects to

External Blu-ray combo

External Blu-ray combo

The slimmest portable BD Writer with USB bus power in the world. It is also a perfect solution for those users who are looking for a compact -sized, trendy and portable BD Writer. You can enjoy your High-Definition Blu-ray movies anywhere anytime. SmoothLinkTM Buffer Under-run Prevention technology prevents buffer under-run errors and secures stability when writing.

Air Mouse Elite

Air Mouse Elite

The ergonomic Air Mouse Elite, brings the intuitive simplicity of motion to your digital life. With the Air Mouse Elite, your natural hand movements drive more powerful presentation delivery, more immersive gameplay, more interactive classroom lectures and more convenient access to your digital entertainment.

Mini Rechargeable LI-ION keyboard mouse

Mini Rechargeable LI-ION keyboard mouse

LI-ION keyboard mouse combo which is 3-in-1 multimedia wireless keyboard (Keyboard, TouchPad, Laser Pointer) compatible with Windows, Mac OS or Linux system as well as iPad, iPhone, Playstation 3 and also handhelds running Symbian S60

LED Monitor

LED Monitor

24-inch LED monitor working with any sources supporting unto 2ms response time, 5.00.000:1 dynamic contrast-ratio, and 1920 x 1080 panel

Dock Station

Dock Station

Plug and play Support of up to 2TB HDD. Supports transfer rates up to 480 Mbps with USB 2.0 Hot-Swap capability for multiple HDDs. LED indicator for power on and HDD access.

USB Antenna

USB Antenna

Wirelessly stream movies, music or photos from your computer across your home Wi-Fi network. The Xtreamer USB Antenna is a 802.11n (draft2.0 ) USB WiFi adapter that will allow you to bridge your home network to the Xtreamer utilizing the latest WiFi technology. The antenna will provide fast, secure and reliable connections that are 175% stronger than any wireless solution in the market.

PC Speakers

PC Speakers

Connect up to three, 2.1-channel multimedia sound system. SoundSticks III brings a new level of excitement to music, games and movies to your home – with its exceptional sound clarity, enhanced color scheme and bare minimum of wiring.



Featuring sharp high-definition (HD) video with a true 1080p sensor1. Microsoft’s newest LifeCam is the perfect complement to Windows Live Messenger 2011, which offers HD video calling on a 16:9 wide-screen format with amazing detail. When people can’t attend an important live moment in person, LifeCam Studio delivers the closest thing to being there.

The Loop pointer

The Loop pointer

Is the in-air mouse that moves your cursor with natural hand motions. Simply point and click on the TV connected to your Xtreamer Ultra. The Loop pointer's distinctive ergonomic design has just four buttons and a scroll wheel.

USB TV Tuner

USB TV Tuner

Watch and record analog and digital TV on your PC or laptop. With portable USB TV tuner "stick" for NTSC, ATSC and clear QAM TV.


If you're looking for a value-packed alternative to a desktop PC – a computer system loaded with power that easily manages your digital needs, please consider our Xtreamer Ultra series. It’s a great basic laptop alternative for everyday use. Stay mobile with the Xtreamer Ultra. Easy to use and packed with great features, it’s perfect for work or movie playback on the go. All at a extremely affordable price.

every day computing

From home office to college dormitory, our Xtreamer Ultra will make your everyday life simpler. Get everything you need for staying in touch online and working on everyday projects, enjoy fun options that make it easy to get more from your music movies and photos without stretching your budget.The Xtreamer Ultra is a fully functional computer that comes in a portable compact size and packed with a lot of memory and power to get you going.
every day computing


The Xtreamer Ultra is designed for convenient connectivity, and comes with a multitude of I/O ports to cater to a wide variety of devices. Aside from the USB (x6), DVI, HDMI, Ethernet, and audio-out ports, the Xtreamer Ultra also has an eSATA port that lets you enjoy high-speed data transfers from external storage devices. eSATA transfers data at more than twice the maximum data transfer rates currently enjoyed by USB 2.0 and FireWire users. For seamless networking and connectivity, the Xtreamer Ultra comes with 10/100/1000 Gigabit LAN port and may be extended with our USB WIFI 802. 11n antenna giving you much faster surfing speed and higher throughput when compared to other wireless standards. Its wider range of coverage ensures better single transmission and reception.
every day computing

performance and efficiency

Don't let the size fool you. Within the confines of the Xtreamer Ultra hides a high definition home entertainment center and fully functional PC. Whether you're enjoying digital content or creating it, our Xtreamer Ultra has the power, speed and expandability to match your imagination. It gives you an energy-efficient computing platform for tasks like viewing media files, surfing the internet and other networking applications.

all in one

Keep in touch, stay organized and share experiences. The Xtreamer Ultra stylish package, delivering a clutter-free way to connect to any TV or PC screen and allowing you to share photos and video, browse the web or watch your favorite movies in full HD. The simplicity you want combined with the power you need.

space saving

The Xtreamer Ultra is easy to set up in even the tightest spaces for clutter-reducing environment. Featuring a variety of compact multimedia oriented accessories that can control your stream of music, movies and more over your home network. This small wonder has a big potential.

star performance

Enjoy a major boost in power with the intelligent performance of the Intel Atom Dual Core D525 processor. You can expect:

  • Amazing digital media handling
  • Intuitive performance that adapts to your needs
  • Easy multitasking for higher productivity

geared for multitasking

This PC easily handles movies, music, and games with plenty of power to spare. You'll get:

  • Intel Atom dual-core processors for running multiple apps
  • Compatible with Windows 7 Home Premium for streamlining life on your PC
  • DDR3 memory for fast data transfer and reduced power consumption
  • Ample storage with large internal hard drive options
  • Crisp visuals with integrated nVidia graphics
geared for multitasking

total entertainment

For exceptional high-def videos and quality sound you can install to get a range of features:

  • The option of a dedicated graphics card for pumping up images and multimedia
  • Integrated Intel High Definition Audio with 7.1 surround sound
  • An optional Blu-ray DVD writer/player (reads/writes Blu-ray discs, reads HD DVDs, and reads/writes traditional DVDs and CDs)
total entertainment

highly stylish

The Xtreamer Ultra has a sleek, classic design that features:

  • A glossy black finish with silver and chrome accents
  • An illuminated power button
  • Concealed front ports for a camera, MP3 player
  • Optional portable storage via pocket media drive and bay
  • An optional USB wireless LAN card5 for connecting a wireless printer and other accessories

remote control

The Xtreamer Ultra comes with a MCE Remote Controller exclusively able to power on the system at the first time of the plug-in of AC power. It prides itself on delivering a fast, intuitive, convenient and rich media experience for the multimedia entertainments.

technical highlights

  • Intel® Atom™ D525 processor (1.8 GHz, dual-core)
  • Intel® NM10 Express chipset
  • Next-Generation NVIDIA® ION™ graphics processor
  • 16 unified shaders
  • 512MB DDR3 memory ( ION2 chipset )
  • NVIDIA® CUDA™ technology
  • NVIDIA® PureVideo™ HD technology
  • Optional USB Antenna 802.11n WiFi
  • Optional eSATA Bluray Drive
  • Optional USB BluRay Drive

The Xtreamer Ultra comes built in with nVidia ION2
GT218 40nm based GPU is built with 727 million
transistors. Core clock rate is 550MHz, shader clock at 1375MHz with support for DirectX 10.1, Shader 4.1, Dual Link DVI, DisplayPort, VGA. It has 512MB DDR3 memory at 800MHz on a 64bit interface for greater memory bandwidth and four times as many SPs as the GeForce 8400 GS.
The Xtreamer Ultra GPU encapsulate 32 shader processors, a 64-bit memory interface, 12.8GB/s of memory bandwidth, and a 22W power envelope. Despite the specifications, the GT218 will supposedly share its host card with 512MB of GDDR3 RAM, and it will have both.

The ION 2 is intended to address these weak points. It offers a better 3D performance, (digital) monitor outputs (HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, and VGA), video acceleration with PureVideo HD (since Flash 10.1 also for Internet Videos in HD) and CUDA for using the computing power of the GPU.

OpenGL Compliance:

PS Version:

VS Version:

Fragment Pipelines:

Texture Units:

Raster Operators:

Vertex Pipelines:

The Xtreamer Ultra is equipped with a high-
performance 7.1+2 Channel High Definition Audio
Codecs providing 10 DAC channels that simultaneously support 7.1 sound playback, plus 2 channels of independent stereo sound output (multiple streaming) through the front panel stereo outputs. The series integrates two stereo ADCs that can support a stereo microphone, and feature Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC), Beam Forming (BF), and Noise Suppression (NS) technology.

All analog IO are input and output capable, and headphone amplifiers are also integrated at each analog output. All analog IOs can be re-tasked according to user’s definitions, or automatically switched depending on the connected device type.

Support for 16/20/24-bit S/PDIF input and output offers easy connection of PCs to high-quality consumer electronic products such as digital decoders and speakers.

The series incorporates Realtek proprietary converter technology to achieve 97dB dynamic range playback quality and 90dB dynamic range recording quality, and is designed for Windows Vista premium desktop and laptop systems.

It also supports host/soft audio from the Intel ICH series chipset, and also from any other HDA compatible audio controller. With EAX/Direct Sound 3D/I3DL2/A3D compatibility, and excellent software utilities like Karaoke mode, environment emulation, software equalizer, HRTF 3D positional audio, and optional Dolby® Digital Live, DTS® CONNECT™, and Dolby® Home Theater programs, the Xtreamer Ultra provides an excellent home entertainment package and game experience for PC users.

Xtreamer Ultra
Foxconn nT330i
  Internal HDD       Both supports internal 2.5” upto maximum available capacity.  
  CPU   Intel Atom D525
Dual Core 1.83hz
  Intel Atom 330 Dual
Core 1.6hz
  The D525 is faster and optimized for full HD 1080p  
  GPU   nVidia ION2   nVidia ION1   The Xtreamer ultra is built with Next-generation NVIDIA® ION™ graphics which energize your PC with over 10 times the performance of integrated graphics. Go beyond simple Internet browsing with a mediasavvy ION GPU. Experience full 1080p video on sites like YouTube HD or from Blu-Ray discs. Play the most popular PC games like World of Warcraft or accelerate popular video and photo apps, boosting performance of editing and converting videos, face tagging photos, and much more.  
  HD Audio
      Not only LPCM.full audio bitstreaming native support.Perfect Blu-Ray playback with bitstreaming and GPU decode  
  Sound Chip   ALC892   ALC888   high end chip vs entry level  
  eSATA       eSATA reaches transfer rates of at least triple those of USB 2.0. Unlike USB and FireWire interfaces, eSATA does not have to translate data between the interface and the PC.  
  USB interface   USB 2.0   USB 2.0   USB 3 is not currently supported with many linux and windows OS versions. We decided to retain compatibility and avoid kernel and drivers issues of premature usb 3  
  RAM Type   DDR 3   DDR 2   DDR3 uses significantly less power, and can run much faster.DDR3, on the other hand, can run from 800-2133 MT/s and 6400-17066 MB/s.In regards to the I/O bus clock, DDR2 is only available between 200-800 MHz, whereas DDR3 supports from 400-1600 MHz  
  WLAN Type   802.11n   802.11g   The Foxcon comes from factor with built in slow and old generation wifi standard. should user want to move to external Wifi 802.11n clashes of drivers and instability may be the result  
      RTL8111E Single-Chip Gigabit Ethernet Controller has won a prestigious “Best Choice of COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2010 Award”; an award recognized and given by an evaluation committee comprised of experts from the industry, academia, media, and government. The innovative Realtek RTL8111E is the world’s first Singlec h i p G i g a b i t Ethernet Controller to implement the power-saving IEEE 802.3az standard  
  Pre Installed
  Pre compiled USB Boot OS with kernel and drivers preconfigured     Easy plug n play for most common HTPC tasks  
  Yes. MCE optimized.     You don't need to buy external USB Irda and additional Remote control that has to be configured per each software  
  ext BluRay
      the foxcon probably will have problems with Bluray drives due to the lack of bit-streaming support and slower CPU  
  Ram Capacity
from factor
  4 Giga RAM DD3     you don't need to research and buy separately the RAM module.  
  Power Up
from RC
      The Xtreamer Ultra comes from factor with MCE Remote Controller which is exclusively able to power on the system at the first time of the plug-in of AC power. It prides itself on delivering a fast, intuitive, convenient and rich media experience for the multimedia entertainments.  
  Cooling   Hybrid Passive & active cooling with silent 24dBA special fan   40 dBA fan, 5600 RPM (Model No: NFB61A05H)   we designed the xtreamer ultra to serve you in the most silent demanding environments  

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Xtreamer Ultra Specs

Product Name
Xtreamer Ultra

4GB DDR3 (1 x 204-pin DDR3-800 SODIMM slots) Included

Hard Disk
Supports 1 x 2.5-inch SATA 3.0 Gb/s HDD/SSD

Intel® Atom® D525 (dual-core, 1.8 GHz)

Next-Generation NVIDIA® ION™

Chipset IO
NM10, NCT5577D

Video Memory
512MB DDR3

Display Options
HDMI (w/audio), DVI-I, VGA (with included adapter)

eSATA 3.0 Gb/s port

Gigabit LAN Ethernet
10/100/1000Mbps (RTL8111E)

External USB Antenna 802.11n WiFi (Optional)

USB Ports
6 USB 2.0 (4 on back panel, 2 on front panel)

Onboard analog stereo high-definition audio (ALC892)
7.1-Channel LPCM digital audio (HDMI)
Optical Digital S/PDIF audio output

IR port
IRDA 1.0

DirectX® Support
DirectX® 10.1 with Shader Model 4.1

Other Features
OpenCL compliant, OpenGL® 3.2 compatible, NVIDIA®
PhysX® ready, NVIDIA® CUDA™ ready, NVIDIA® PureVideo™ HD technology


Software Features
nView® Multi-Display

HTPC Capability
Windows® 7 with Aero® user interface and DirectCompute compatible
Boxee, XBMC, MediaPortal Compatible
Live CD or PreCompiled Linux compatible

Optional Accessories
USB Mini Keyboard, USB WIFI 802.11n, USB BluRay Combo,
USB LifeCam, USB HDD Docking Station, USB TV Tuner

5.35 cm(W) x 21.3 cm(H) x 14.2 cm(D)