• Home Theater PC VS. Media Streamer
    The demand for an affordable yet powerful multimedia playback solution is already apparent as this market become mature. Digital Media Player cannot deliver the same experience of a PC.

    It is forever designed to be a partial solution in comparison to full PC capabilities. With its exponential growth, the Internet made the computer to develop into a new entertainment, storage and recreational medium. While the majority of end-users are now online, most have not had the means to watch comfortably and truly affordably multimedia files other than on the expensive computer configuration or on an SDK fairly limited SoC based solution such as media streamers.
  • Media streamers percieved as a mitigiation
    Watching a movie or slide show of pictures via a media streamer tend to be perceived as merely as an electronic mitigation, rather a digital incarnations of a full PC experience. The majority of existing consumers of multimedia is exposed to a wealth of online multimedia content (pirated and legal) and sometimes expects to import their PC experience to a SoC platform. While Media Streamers provides only the most narrow of means for human interaction and enjoyment: a limited connectivity and compliance with very pre-defined audio\video codecs, the world of PC brings all the latest developments with much room for growth and expansion in the future.
  • No much bigger investment
    The growing availability of such higher-bandwidth channels has encouraged many people around the world to become consumer of multimedia content from the Internet. We all want to watch live movies, play games, chat on skype™, read our mail and listen to music in the living room. Delivering such a comprehensive experience on a media streamer with a limited CPU power is not always possible. At least not in the same level you might reasonably expect to get on a PC. The prices are also getting closer. For an additional 100 euro you can get much more. We are positive this price will go down.
  • Not only for experts & for much lower price
    In the same time computer chips and audio/video platforms are going down gradually. As end-user devices continue to become more powerful and as increasing proportion of the population goes for living room based PC like experience on their media streamers, there are many new opportunities on the market. A trend away from static, limited, SDK based closed solutions towards powerful yet flexible PC like systems are already becoming apparent. Nevertheless, until now, the over priced alternatives to media streamers devices kept it as merely as a limited solution for the technology savvy. For those kind of users that had the knowledge, the time and passion to tackle PC problems, to go through difficult installations and technical configurations.
  • A solution working out of the Box
    This trend resulted in the emergence of our Xtreamer Ultra. Our Pre-Packaged home theater PC in a box, with pre-configured Boxee, XBMC FreeNAS and Ubuntu, ready to work out of the box. A ultimate solution at an affordable Price. We selected to base our Xtreamer Ultra on Intel Atom™ Dual Core and nVidia™ so as to achieve the best possible balance and ratio of specs vs price. We aimed to create the most flexible hardware we could think off. We screened the Intel 41XX platform at a great detail and decided to provide our clients the maximum power and freedom to grow with the industry. The Price of 41XX chipsets, the closed environment they necessitate us to create made us put our focus rather on the Intel/NVidia configuration.
  • Easy to remember, easy to use & recommend!
    Our conclusion is that if you don’t find the Xtreamer Ultra within your current budget, we will recommend you to get one of our Realtek/SigmaDesigns based media streamers. We anticipate that SoC solutions will become 2nd device for multimedia playback in a modern house. Xtreamer Ultra could definitely become the first and main one. In the same time it can serve as an entry level PC for the kids, for the member of family who cannot differentiate and compare the so many models and configurations the market originated in Taiwan (Asus, MSI, Acer etc) has to offer. The demand for a new and innovative solution that is capable of playing Full HD 1080P with MKV and H.264 over network, that is capable to work out of the box for word-processing, internet browsing, 3D playback and basic gaming – all in an affordable price was growing and seems much needed. A solution seldom to be achieved on a PC. An HTPC.
  • The most comprehensive & flexible solution
    A formidable opportunity has arisen from the combination of the advent of the Internet as a medium for movies\music and pictures and the decline of end customer to pay too much for their devices or settle for a limited SoC platform as main solution in the living room.

    In multinational, cross platform global operation coordinated with its development partners the Xtreamer will attempt to take advantage of the resulting opportunity by positioning the Xtreamer Ultra as a valid alternative to any other multi media player or PC Nettop in its price tag in the market.
  • Affordable Prices
    For those who did not have the opportunity to get familiarized with our range of media streamers models we will briefly describe the Xtreamer Multimedia Players are portable wire/wireless players that allows vivid and crisp playback of dozens of modern multimedia files, codecs and containers. Xtreamer customers, while be required to pay not more than an affordable price, will be able to enjoy their favorite movies, home videos, digital music and digital photos on TV or Home-theater system. With the Xtreamer Ultra they will be able to do even more. Much more. It’s a PC. The Ultra can do anything a PC can do. On Windows
  • All included inside 1 single box type
    The Xtreamer Player aims to bring all digital content to the living room so as to replace the old and static DVD solution. Xtreamer incorporate state-of-the-art technology, commonly used in high-end known brand in the Audio and Video industry. We packed inside the box 4 Giga RAM DDR3, an MCE compatible remote control so as to be used in both windows media center as well as inside Boxee and XBMC in linux, a mini li-ion BT/Wirelss keyboard and mouse that works well on the ultra as well as on ipad, iphone and sony PSP, an 8 Giga USB CDFS disk with pre-compiled Ubuntu and necessary things to get you going and even an HDMI 1.4a cable. Of course AC adapter, USB cable and built in hybrid passive cooling and fan with heatpipe included.
  • Commercial & aesthetic value
    The highly refined EMS manufacturing process, timeless engineering and careful quality control have resulted in a range of products of the highest long-term aesthetic and commercial value. Xtreamer was designed to be one of the best-built, best-backed products available today in the market encouraging our growing and active community for its future development. With its comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty, clients can be assured that Xtreamer ultra will provide client’s consistent playback and viewing entertainment through many years of use.
  • Why Pay More ?
    We hope the Linux community will find the Xtreamer ultra to be a rewarding experience and a worthy platform for the development of their projects. We want to look at our customers as partners to our goals, as active members to our community where corporate jargon and marketing tactics to make more profit are put aside. Where the onus is on value for money to the end customer, in which it can be proved that sustaining a growing business is possible even when the end customer is happy as he can afford to be updated with latest technology without feeding the marketing chains with a greedy portion of profit. Welcome to the new world of options of Xtreamer ultra. Xtreamer! Why Pay More ?!
  • Few Words About the Past
    In June 2009 we launched the Xtreamer mk1 first Realtek media streamer. We claimed to be able to provide our customers a full HD MKV wireless media streamer for less than 100 euro price tag. Until that time most Media players were sold in the market for two time the price or even more. Except WDTV, which was made by a company who cared, selling its main product – Hard disk drives. We apparently made a serious problem to many manufacturing companies and their dealers who had stock of other media players. in 1 day the early June 2009 the Popcorn Hour a-200 and a-210 which was priced about 200 euro was made obsolete and not sellable.
  • A market threat
    The Aggressive price of Xtreamer made many competitors in our industry very angry and frustrated. Some of them, via the help of members of their communities decided to spread around a bad name around Xtreamer. If you will Google you might still find traces. “Hoax”...”cheaters”....”vaporware”, “too good to be truth” was the common jargon 2 years ago. Many did not believe the dominance of Sigma Designs could be jeopardized with a new device based on Realtek 1283 chipset. Xtreamer brand was new and suspected from day 1 not be able to deliver what was promised. Apparently it did and so much more.
  • Focusing on the end customer
    As soon after our first customers got their devices to their home, dealers and distributors had no choice but to react to the Xtreamer phenomena and market demand all over the world. They had to keep Xtreamer in stock as otherwise they could not divert some clients to buy their old stock of other devices. Our community grown to be the number 1 leader in the industry with over 60,000 active members, hundreds of Linux developers creating their projects and working daily with our RnD teams to achieve a better experience, free and for the benefit of all.
  • Strong Community of users
    We launched due course of the last year 28 firmware updates and 16 betas, 5 new devices and grown to offer solutions with the partnership of Apple and even a NAS. We improved our logistics and made our solutions awarded on more than 37 countries. We did mistakes and we try to learn from them for the benefit of our customers and yet achieve the ultimate goal of offering a good value for money for a decent HD multimedia player.
  • Spreading to new market segments
    In Cebit 2011 we conducted many meetings with distributors and retailers from all parts of the world. It was clearly apparent that The Xtreamer ultra is perceived to pose a similar threat in 2011 to the Nettop / HTPC / DMP market very much the same as the Xtreamer MK 1 did in 2009 to the digital media player market. It seems that cebit 2011 reminded us that many dealers, distributors and sales channels remembers well their experience with old Mk1 and are preparing for the storm of the Xtreamer Ultra.
  • Caveat emptor !
    The key people in the industry know well that once we will launch the ultra,  it has the potential to make 
    all Acer Revo, Zotac, Asus eePC  & MSI net tops and high end media players like  c-200 and much 
    less attractive.
    It will be hard to provide to a potential customer good enough reasoning to buy and HD Dune or 
    Popcorn Hour C-200 for more or similar price of the Xtreamer ultra. It will twice as hard to explain a 
    customer who seek a nettop PC to buy an MSI or Acer while the Xtreamer ultra provide same specs 
    with so much more in the box for the same price. Both in terms of hardware and software.
  • Fast deployment in retail and online
    Until now only BIG distributors could sell the solutions made by Asus Dell and Acer brands in the mass market. If you are not a big distributor you cannot have access to buy this machines from these big brands and you are not able to sell them. Once the Xtreamer is announced we allow mid and small range distribution channels to sell Xtreamer ultra with technology that until now was reserved to be sold only under the umbrella of the big distributors scrutiny and power.
  • Everyone can sell a PC
    These channels regulated the price of Intel and nVidia based solutions. We aim to make the distribution of our Xtreamer Ultra available to all of the market. Empowering them with the tools to compete and survive these days of market global economic recession. It is reasonable to expect that within a short while the entire netop/ mid-level PC distribution market will be “attacked” by many mid range distro channels offering Xtreamer ultra, competitors they have never competed with in the past.
  • Potential price regulation & adjustment
    While every digital media player reseller will turn to a “PC sellers”, offering Xtreamer ultra based on intel, with a device that is tagged for competitive price and a lot of value inside the package it is also reasonable to expect that the market will react and the prices of the Xtreamer Ultra will be adjusted to a higher level than we initially wanted it to be set. They will simply make more profit on the device, no matter how low we will put it.
  • Competing against the big brands
    If we want to look at this industry with an open eyes we also cannot be ignorant to the huge amount of money invested every year by the big brands of PC for marketing. Dell, Asus and many of their like brands are investing enormous budgets every quarter for sponsorships, advertising and commercials on PC magazines, newspapers, videocasts and television. These circulations of PC related news publishers and market opinion creators own their survivorship to these brands as they “feed” from them.
  • Governing forces of the industry
    Even we dont want ...we have to face the reality of our industry. We make this lines to broadcast this message to you. The price of the ultra will have to be adjusted by forces we have no control over. Many powerful ingredients in the equation call for the conclusion: they will all have to “live” with the Xtreamer ultra within some price tag that they can live with. Their influence on Intel and nVidia is nothing to ignore. It will be stupid to think that the ultra could destroy the huge portions of PC and DMP markets without stern reaction. In Digital media player markets we noticed many vendors turning into vaporware. While last year we saw thousands of companies offering solutions of media players originated from china or Malaysia, this year we see a different picture. Many of them are already out of the picture. This year we saw 10% of the numbers of vendors offering media players.
  • Less market participants
    Dvico Tvix , which was one of the first brands to lead this industry merged outside the market in 1 year after Xtreamer launch. Most vendors ceased to do this business of media players only to find themselves unable to compete with the market advantage of the Xtreamer software powered with its growing help of its community. They failed to anticipate the steps made by Realtek to take over sigma design and failed to adjust to the global market trends.
  • The way Boxee should have always worked
    A lot of your favorite shows and movies are already available on the Internet. Boxee is a software solution or a device that finds them and puts them on your TV. It’s easy to use and even better, there’s no monthly fee. While the Boxee Box is nicely design, some will surely prefer to run it on a stronger platform than the intel closed system of 41XX offers. The Xtreamer Ultra has more memory, more CPU power, More flexibility both in terms of accessories connectivity and software application. The Xtreamer Ultra is also a Boxee, the way Boxee should have always worked. It is in the same time a potential BluRay Player, 3D gaming and playback platform, a PC and a fully working PC. The price difference is also not too much bigger.
  • The ultimate XBMC
    One of the most glorious efforts ever being made by the open source community is the so called Xbox Media Center projects for PC. While a group of the most talented people around the world gathered around the idea of creating the most stunning software for playing your media in a modern home theater on a PC, the result is nothing less than stunning. The Xtreamer company applause their efforts, admire their spirit of open source and will stand fully behind their community based projects. We created an affordable hardware to allow their abilities to lift high. To spark their imagination. to allow anyone enjoy their spectacular abilities without going bankrupt. We are sure this community will continue to grow and we will support it by all means. Kudos !
  • It is cheaper
    While Sigma 8642 based devices are still sold in the market for around the Xtreamer ultra price, there is no need to explain much. Check also for other net-top solutions from other brands, usually they are sold as segmented market devices.
  • With so many goodies inside the box
    The device comes with a comprehensive package that includes : A wireless BT mini Keyboard, an MCE remote control, an HDMI 1.4a cable, 4 Gb DDR3 RAM, 8 Giga Fast USB OS.
  • Mind Blowing new options
    Your son, sister or colleague will know to appreciate the world of new options opened to them with the xtreamer Ultra. As a compact ready to work PC, gaming console with Xaiwi technology, a BluRay player and even a 3D Player with nVidia Technology.
  • It is also a PC
    Word-processing, web browsing, social networking, games and literally any activity you daily do on your PC is possible also on the xtreamer Ultra. Its a PC with an extra. A PC built for daily usage when connected to PC screen. A home theater digital media player when connected to the TV.
  • The best Boxee & XBMC machine in the market
    If you are looking for the ultimate boxee or XBMC experience look no more. Its all in 1 package. We did the thinking, filtering, compiling and configuring work for you.
  • Staying in touch with the technology
    The future of operating systems, software development and application to such a powerful machine is very promising. Don't stay behind.
  • All Around powerhouse working out of the box
    Simply plug it to the socket, connect to the LAN cable, plug the USB boot OS and you are ready to dive into the new world of options Xtreamer.
  • It is a serious boost
    Unparalleled mind blowing total experience that no other media streamer or player can offer.
  • Hard to beat
    While most other media streamers and digital media player can offer you a very limited set of options build around proprietary effort of the vendor, the xtreamer ultra is rather appealing to the power of the community. You cannot imagine what people did on similar machines. You cannot imagine what they can do with the xtreamer ultra.
  • From an Editors choice brand
    Xtreamer gained itself as a leading brand for digital media playback solution, awarded dozens of magazine awards and editorial reviews on many parts of the world. The Xtreamer Ultra will be no different.
  • Powered by strong community
    Become part of one of the strongest yet most active communities in the scenic. allow yourself to enjoy a vibrant group of people sharing the same passion for technology and gadgets. Take part of the new options our community will embrace with Boxee, linux and XBMC. Join for free the ride to new frontiers of discussion about HD playback, Codecs, coding and streaming solutions.
  • It is compact and portable
    If you are a student, live an urban life where you need your PC/DMP next to you at all time, the xtreamer ultra is by far more elegant solution than considering carrying with you a full ATX PC with noisy FAN.
  • It can connect to nearly any PC accessory
    While it is a customary thing to expect that drivers for new hardware is written first to the PC environment, expect your ultra to work with nearly every PC accessory the market can offer. While media streamer based on Sigma or RTL cannot be connected to PC cam, Joysticks, mouse or Sound speaker, the Xtreamer ultra comes and offers you this world of option.
  • It can run nearly any OS and application
    Windows 7 fans will find it as a perfect Windows 7 machine. Ubuntu Fans will find it already running a pre-compiled version to feet their expectation and needs. It is a PC. Not a closed Linux environment based on an SDK.
  • Why pay more ?
    It is obvious that the market is offering a world of options to select your HTPC from. It is the first time a Media Streamer Manufacturer took this niche market and invested the so much time and effort to deliver the best machine at such an affordable price. We could easily take out of the box the so many accessories, easily could save ourselves great deal of money for licensing technologies we insisted to embed inside. We wanted to make sure you will have a total comprehensive experience. A solution that will take away the hassle of entering the world of PC and Home theater playback.
  • No Custom Tax on a PC
    True understanding of our industry cannot be completed without mentioning few key points that may affect every dealer of media player or streamer. The Xtreamer ultra is a PC – it means no custom tax applied to the Xtreamer ultra while imported into the EU. All Digital media players and media streamers are still subjected to 14% tax for custom in Europe. The result of this is that all other alternative Sigma and Realtek machines in the market may find themselves having a serious problem. They already 14% late. When a seller of popcornhour earn less and need to finance more with another costs of his operation with the customs and excise authorities it seems reasonable to expect market change.
  • Rebates for marketing via Intel
    Ultra is intel inside and nVidia inside intel and nvidia give sellers who are members of the “Intel Inside” program upto 33% refund for all their marketing effort promoting intel and nvidia solutions. Realtek do not offer similar program.
  • Sell PC accessories also
    Keeping an Xtreamer ultra in stock and selling it means you can sell accessories also. Wide range of Accessories, HDD, peripherals and software packages are now integrated into the business model. The Xtreamer Ultra is a vehicle for a larger margin of profit and total volume in comparison to any digital media player. In our goals we try to convince our partners worldwide to sell Xtreamer as low as possible and earn their profit on other addons. This is one of the reasons we decided to include inside the package a very comprehensive set of accessories we consider as a must have.
  • Less headache
    Xtreamer Ultra offer your clients a room for expansion with much better customer technical support than any other Digital media player. While users being able to install on the machine Windows 7 and literally any software made for it or for Linux it means that any seller can enjoy this coverage made by the software industry. The online and offline documentation of supporting a PC is substantially bigger than the level of information made available by popcorn hour or sigma designs and even Realtek. It means for the dealer he has to take care the Hardware selling part and nothing more. More of the dealer resources are channeled to make sales rather than on technical support.
  • Keeping best products in stock
    Xtreamer ultra is competitive and probably will be perceived as better a better media playback solution appealing to a wide area of consumers from both media player world as well as HTPC world. It seems that at the current pricing vs specs it is outperforming anything else the market has to offer to your clients. Try small order with good marketing effort to see the impact.
  • Bigger Margin
    Xtreamer ultra means greater profits. We know the prices offered to dealers by our competitors. We know how much you sell their products in the market. We know your margin. We planned a better policy. Contact us to find that we created for you a room for a better margin than any other media player vendor can provide you.
  • Future to expand your business
    Xtreamer Ultra is the first Intel Based machine made by xtreamer. It is aimed to answer the call to the HTPC and entry level computing market needs. It is definitely not the last. Gamers world will be addressed by our future model, allienware here we come.
  • Range of models designed for various segments
    Xtreamer dealers are now being able to offer their client a wide range of solution we designed to different segments and price target of their clients. Your clients will be able to select from a wide range of Models that are currently available and those which will be made available in the future. This is to include not only intel and nvidia but also solutions based on Google Android, Satellite receivers with open SAT and enigma 2.
  • Safer Trading
    Our markets affected by what is decided in Microsoft and the open source communities. The latest trend are Boxee and XBMC. Tomorrow it will be windows 8 and Google Android , chrome OS or Google TV. Answering these trends with a device which is capable and flexible is so much easier than a machine build around a closed system . It means the shelve time of the Xtreamer ultra expected to be longer than any media player. PC industry is always faster to react to trends than SoC or closed embedded solutions like the intel 41XX. Your clients will be happier, you will feel safer with your stock and will be able to calculate easier your business risks.
  • PC as well as a Media playback Solution
    Xtreamer is a PC before it is an HTPC. It is sellable item not only as an HTPC which it was build for. It can be good seller for anyone who want to buy his kid a compact size PC with good capabilities. It is the perfect machine for anyone who want to place a compact PC on his desktop or in his office. It is an elegant solution for any potential buyer who don’t posses technical know how and seeking for something that works out of the box. Very much the same as Apple is selling their machines.
  • Less efforts on technical support
    Elegant solution that works out of the box. If a dealer sells another brand nettop or PC the user after buying the machine, still need to go and buy memory, buy remote control, download or buy software, configure drivers, install hardware and the result always deterring normal users to try something new or different. The Xtreamer Ultra works out of the box and has inside the package all what he need to get him started. Both HW and software. The only package for ultra is comprehensive enough to include real value for money and wide range of what we thought should be included as a must have in order to achieve a level of usage your customer may expect. one package with all inside. Not many models and sub models for every feature or function we may add or remove. We made the decision for our customers and used our buying power to achieve for them a better value for money should they had to create a similar package themselves.
  • Easier to sell
    Amazingly enough MSI Acer and Asus posses the knowledge and the know how to make it simpler and easier for the customers. For some reason it is always not so easy. Normal users more than once are required for a professional technical help. The first help they need is first to be able to select what model of PC or nettop is good for them. Which model will be able to meet their expectations? While Asus, MSI and Acer very much the same as Dell are offering a very big variety of models, each with a unique hard to remember model number and deterring name, It is simply impossible sometime to make a comparison of specs between models of the same vendor, not to speak about the attempt to make a comparison between models of different models. What is true for today is wrong for tomorrow.
  • Longer shelf time
    Intel and nVidia flood the market with chipsets and impressive range of technologies. The result it that we are all confused. Our markets are flooded and our potential customers are driven to buy what is available, and most probably what was recommended to them by the dealer. Not necessarily what they need for the tasks the intended the PC to be used for. We did this job for them and we packed it inside a box. We know what should be inside an HTPC and we tried to achieve the best HTPC experience . We made all the decisions to fit the purpose. The Xtreamer Ultra is a capable HTPC and in the same time it is a capable PC for normal day usage of word processing, web browsing, music playback, social networking and even gaming, it comes from factor with all your client need and it works out of the box. Let your client decide if he want to use it as PC on his desktop or as an HTPC in the living room.
  • Knowhow & filtering inside
    The Xtreamr ultra is not only an issue of all in one package solution. it encapsulate a knowledge and a filtering process our company and community applied in order to achieve something of value. We selected the best hardware we could find in the market for this purpose and price target and tagged it in an attractive competitive price that user can find appealing should he want to buy an PC with an extra twist. We also did the filtering of software and compiled a USB boot disk drive that allows your client work out of the box.
  • Being part of powerful community
    Selling an Xtreamer ultra or any other model of Xtreamer is another way of becoming part of a growing family of partners and users from all parts of the world. We managed to create the foundation of a growing base of users worldwide. People from all parts of the world are registered in our community, coming daily to discuss and be updated on what is new and hot around their hobby and passion for technology and gadgets. Within 18 months since its launch we managed to create over a 60,000 member base so as to allow us grow in the near future to embrace gradually into our community technologies applied in Realtek, sigma designs, Intel, nvidia, linux, windows, android, Boxee, XBMC, Apple IOS , as well as open SAT alongside HTML 5, adobe flash, PHP, Sqlite and HD codecs . It is an outstanding achievement with unparalleled effort driven by thousands of passionate people from all parts of the world. A factor no dealer today can ignore should he seriously contemplating to compete in this market with anything other than Xtreamer.
  • Lower RMA rates
    While the majority of our competitors in the media player market are OEM projects made in china, the Xtreamer is substantially bigger operation, with unique strategic alliances with the leaders of the industry of consumer electronics. We are able to assure greater quality of our products and RMA rates which are as low as 0.3%. While some of competitors let you enjoy around 15% RMA rate, we urge you not to argue with your client and replace his device one you are able to establish the defect is rooted in the manufacturing process. Replace the unit and let us take it from there. As simple as that. We want you to be our partner to the same goals. Make your clients happy. They will know how to appreciate it in the long run as well.
  • Cross Platform 1 Click Free Apps Installer
    The Xtreamer Ultra users will be able to enjoy a community driven application store made for this device built from factor. We already contracted key members of our community to launch this project. It will take some time and the solution will be made ready and available to Xtreamer ultra buyers when it is done through a simple download. The idea is that the Xtreamer ultra users will be able to deploy software or function with 1 click installation process without going through the agony of next?next?next process of SW installation. We aim to open this application store to all community members to freely develop and offer their projects to all client for free. You can check the application installer made for the Xtreamer eTRAYz for a better reference.
  • Becoming closer to your market
    Becoming a partner of Xtreamer and selling our devices means you are sharing the same goals and vision. We expect our dealers understand and honor the effort we are doing on our side and apply fair and honest trading. It means you can earn and in the same time help us all to success in this challenging era.
  • Check yourself how much others cost
    This list will never be able to be complete without referring you to check some comparative research. 
    We did some of the research job for you.
    Mini Keyboard very much the same as we bundled inside the Xtreamer ultra is sold in Europe for 60 Euro. Someone bought from the same supplier and tagged it with his OEM name for this price. 

    The Xtreamer Ultra package includes an windows Media Center remote control. It is compiled with the correct built in IR receiver into the base unit and our USB boot disk comes with all necessary drivers to make it work out of the box without the necessary steps of installation in Linux and Boxee or XBMC. 
    Similar remote control that usually never comes inside the box of any nettop is sold in Europe for 22 euro. It comes with external IR receiver and requires drivers. 

    The Xtreamer ultra comes from factor built in with 4 Giga RAM DDR3 on one chip so dimm – similar specs memory RAM module sold in Europe for an average of 44 Euro . unlike other brands that comes from factor with no memory or 2 Giga only, the Xtreamer ultra is probably the most powerful entry level system for windows 7 and Linux in such a compact size. 

    The Xtreamer ultra comes from factor with an 8 Giga RAM USB CDFS module. It is sold in Europe for an average price of 15 euro. With no software pre-burned on the module. 

    The Total value of the Xtreamer ultra box in Europe is an approx. 141 Euro on any other machine with similar specs. 
    Check this models for a better reference. 

    zotac id-31 plus - 344 euro

    Acer Aspire Revo RL100 488 euro
  • Got it ?
    Your Clients read the same data you just read !
  • Value for money
    We created the best machine for its target price. We put inside as many accessories and goodies we could think of to make sure your experience will not be impaired We included inside each box a wireless BT mini Keyboard, an MCE remote control, an HDMI 1.4a cable, 4 Gb DDR3 RAM, 8 Giga Fast USB OS and the most advanced technologies of 3D, BluRay and motion gaming. We designed the device to be based on flexible platform that will allow you portability and room to grow. We allowed you the benefits of solid EMS manufacturing and QA monitoring . Each unit will even go through 3 hours of aging before leaving our factory. We made a market research and tried to make sure no other brand offer you today a better deal for similar specs or package and experience. We created an online platforms as well as a vibrant community that you can join free of charge and take part in. We decided to be less greedy and let you enjoy a product that we could easily sell for much higher price and a greater profit. We pushed our partners to share the same goals of us and allow you this item with a very controlled target price in the market. We are here for you. The end customer is our main focus. Xtreamer . Why Pay more ?
  • Becoming a dealer
    Becoming a dealer is as easy as sending us an email and telling us who you are, where are you coming from, what your company does, how you plan to make money with our products provided that you share with us the same goals. If you are able to identify the market opportunity, and put your customers in the focus, click the button and fill the form.
  • Who are we?
    We are not Apple. We are not Asus or Acer or MSI. We are also not trying to be ones. We dont have the same financial resources and have no plans to bombard the market with spongy concepts and marketing campigns with millions of dollars budgets. The Xtreamer brand was founded 2 years ago with the compelling mission of being a leading provider of comprehensive modern HD playback solution. The Xtreamer Ultra is our first product on our PC division. In Europe, we are already one of the dominaiting brands for digital media players. The launch of such a device with this market price will create for us many enemies and hopefully more friends and allies. We are a group of people who are sharing the same passion to media playback and visionise like many other guys the future of our modern living room. We try our best, we sometime may fail, but we honestly try. The Xtreamer Ultra is our genuine attempt to allow as many people from all parts of the world to enjoy a modern synergy of TV and PC. We hope you will find the Xtreamer ultra to be a rewarding experience and a worthy investment for you and your family. Join our Facebook group, for a direct open discussion with our teams and friends.

target & vision

Seoul, South Korea – February 16th, 2011

  Once again Xtreamer is set to revolutionize the pricing of the world of media players with its market leading, award winning Xtreamer series of Full HD Media Players and Solutions. The demand for an affordable PC that may serve as a media player is already apparent as this market develops.The Xtreamer Ultra Full HD Media Player / PC combines the most connected media player with the fastest consumer electronics media processor available - the Intel® Atom™ Dual Core processor, from the D525 series.

With the launch of Xtreamer Ultra we will continue to achieve our compelling mission in 2011 of being a leading provider of FULL HD comprehensive and capable media centers encapsulated into a very compact unit with a very aggressive price tag. The Xtreamer Ultra, is mainly aimed to set a completely new standard for the Linux, XBMC and Boxee communities and the media streamers industry as we know it. 

and more..

The Xtreamer ultra can run many apps and environments..


The Xtreamer Ultra is a portable HTPC equipped with 6 USB, eSATA, 4 Gb DDR3 RAM, HDMI, an integral IR remote control and powered by the nVidia ION2 Chip that allows vivid and crisp playback of FULL HD multimedia files.

The Xtreamer Ultra devices incorporate state-of-the-art technology, commonly used in high-end computing and consumer electronic solutions.

The highly refined manufacturing process, timeless engineering and careful quality-control have once again resulted in a product that works out of the box yet embraces the highest long-term aesthetic and commercial value.

We hope that anyone who wants a very capable yet portable PC will find the Xtreamer Ultra to be a rewarding experience and a worthy investment both as FULL HD streamer as well as a Windows 7 or Linux based computing system.

4 GB DDR3 Sodimm
MCE Remote
8 GB USB Stick
HDMI 1.4a Cable
Mini Rechargeable
LI-ION keyboard mouse
*    This price is at our official online shop in Hong Kong.
**   Clients may be required to pay taxes as may be applied by
      their local government.
***  We offer 1 model only. No bearebone options.
The X-Aiwi is a unique software that is bundled on the boot OS USB stick we provide with the Ultra. It connects your PC (windows 7) to your iPhone/iPod touch or pc wimmote. Once they are connected, you can use your iPhone/iPod touch as a wireless keyboard or touchpad assist you in a presentation or anytime you wish to remote control your PC.

If you want to have fun, AIWI can switch your Xtreamer Ultra and iPhone /iPod touch into a Game Center. AIWI enables you to play games with body motions —SMASHING, SWINGING, STEERING!!!! You can interact with the PC games in sensitive touches and body motions that correspond to the games stories. Playing games is much more than pushing buttons!

* iPhone + Aiwi PC wiimote not included.
NVIDIA® 3DTV Play™ software for Windows 7 allows you to leverage the 3D processing power of your Xtreamer Ultra to create an immersive 3D experience in your own home. Game night? Convert over 500 of the most popular PC games into immersive 3D environments. And photos never looked so real. Bring home the 3D theatre experience and surround yourself in the latest Blu-ray 3D movies. Relive the moments captured in your 3D photos as you browse them on your 3D TV or view them as a slideshow.

Don't just watch your entertainment, immerse yourself in it!
* Try it free for 14 days! 3DTV Play software is now available for sale as an upgrade for existing PCs.

** Works with HDMI 1.4 3D TVs and compatible 3D glasses system
*** 3DTV Play software requires a Microsoft® Windows® 7, and a compatible
     3D TV. Please view the 3DTV Play system requirements for more details
**** Blu-ray 3D support requires the purchase of a compatible video playback
      software application from Corel, CyberLink, ArcSoft, or Roxio.

* 3D Glasses not included.
Xtreamer Ultra brings the motion experience to the next level using Cam-Trax Technologies. By connecting a standard USB webcam you can either enjoy the new kids' gaming console or use the technology to develop new motion games, applications and activities. The technology detects and tracks colored objects in real time video feed of standard webcams in a reliable and smooth way.

The platform dismisses the need of a mouse or a keyboard, working with a broad range of games and applications,
allowing developers to create and distribute new motion content and software projects to embed the platform,
adding a new and exciting motion section to their application. It will not take long before our community
will be able to utilize this technology and introduce a "minority report" like controlled interface to Boxee and
XBMC on the Xtreamer ultra.
One of the most glorious efforts ever being made for PC and kids is Comfy. While a group of the most talented people around the world gathered around the idea of taking the PC and turn it into a play and interacting tool on PC for toddlers they have created Comfy.

The result is a stunning software that creates a rich and exciting multimedia world for your toddler (ages 1 to 5), in which he/she can play and interact with the lovable Comfy characters. With Comfy, your toddler will play many activities that are not only fun, but educational and developmental as well.

Playing the Comfy software with the Xtreamer ultra gives young children the opportunity to explore a dynamic, colorful, and interactive environment - ON TV in the natural comfort of your living room.

The Xtreamer company applause their efforts, admire their spirit and will stand fully behind their future projects. We created an affordable hardware to allow their abilities to climb high. To spark their imagination. To allow your kids their spectacular abilities of comfy be played on TV or and PC screen.

We are sure any parent in our community will continue to grow with Comfy and we will support it by all means.

and it even connects to

External Blu-ray combo

External Blu-ray combo (not included)

The slimmest portable BD Writer with USB bus power in the world. It is also a perfect solution for those users who are looking for a compact-sized, trendy & portable BD Writer. You can enjoy your High-Def Blu-ray movies anywhere anytime. SmoothLink Buffer Under-run Prevention technology prevents buffer under-run errors & secures stability when writing.

Air Mouse Elite

Air Mouse Elite (not included)

The ergonomic Air Mouse Elite, brings the intuitive simplicity of motion to your digital life. With the Air Mouse Elite, your natural hand movements drive more powerful presentation delivery, more immersive gameplay, more interactive classroom lectures and more convenient access to your digital entertainment.

LED Monitor

LED Monitor (not included)

24-inch LED monitor working with any sources supporting unto 2ms response time, 5.00.000:1 dynamic contrast-ratio, and 1920 x 1080 panel

Dock Station

Dock Station (not included)

Plug and play Support of up to 2TB HDD. Supports transfer rates up to 480 Mbps with USB 2.0 Hot-Swap capability for multiple HDDs. LED indicator for power on and HDD access.

USB Antenna

USB Antenna (not included)

Wirelessly stream movies, music or photos from your computer across your home Wi-Fi network. The Xtreamer USB Antenna is a 802.11n (draft2.0 ) USB WiFi adapter that will allow you to bridge your home network to the Xtreamer utilizing the latest WiFi technology. The antenna will provide fast, secure and reliable connections that are 175% stronger than any wireless solution in the market.

PC Speakers

PC Speakers (not included)

Connect up to three, 2.1-channel multimedia sound system. SoundSticks III brings a new level of excitement to music, games and movies to your home – with its exceptional sound clarity, enhanced color scheme and bare minimum of wiring.


WebCam (not included)

Featuring sharp high-definition (HD) video with a true 1080p sensor1. Microsoft’s newest LifeCam is the perfect complement to Windows Live Messenger 2011, which offers HD video calling on a 16:9 wide-screen format with amazing detail. When people can’t attend an important live moment in person, LifeCam Studio delivers the closest thing to being there.

The Loop pointer

The Loop pointer (not included)

Is the in-air mouse that moves your cursor with natural hand motions. Simply point and click on the TV connected to your Xtreamer Ultra. The Loop pointer's distinctive ergonomic design has just four buttons and a scroll wheel.

USB TV Tuner

USB TV Tuner (not included)

Watch and record analog and digital TV on your PC or laptop. With portable USB TV tuner "stick" for NTSC, ATSC and clear QAM TV.


If you're looking for a value-packed alternative to a desktop PC – a computer system loaded with power that easily manages your digital needs, please consider our Xtreamer Ultra series. It’s a great basic laptop alternative for everyday use. Stay mobile with the Xtreamer Ultra. Easy to use and packed with great features, it’s perfect for work or movie playback on the go. All at a extremely affordable price.

every day computing

From home office to college dormitory, our Xtreamer Ultra will make your everyday life simpler. Get everything you need for staying in touch online and working on everyday projects, enjoy fun options that make it easy to get more from your music movies and photos without stretching your budget.The Xtreamer Ultra is a fully functional computer that comes in a portable compact size and packed with a lot of memory and power to get you going.
every day computing


The Xtreamer Ultra is designed for convenient connectivity, and comes with a multitude of I/O ports to cater to a wide variety of devices. Aside from the USB (x6), DVI, HDMI, Ethernet, and audio-out ports, the Xtreamer Ultra also has an eSATA port that lets you enjoy high-speed data transfers from external storage devices. eSATA transfers data at more than twice the maximum data transfer rates currently enjoyed by USB 2.0 and FireWire users. For seamless networking and connectivity, the Xtreamer Ultra comes with 10/100/1000 Gigabit LAN port and may be extended with our USB WIFI 802. 11n antenna giving you much faster surfing speed and higher throughput when compared to other wireless standards. Its wider range of coverage ensures better single transmission and reception.
every day computing

performance and efficiency

Don't let the size fool you. Within the confines of the Xtreamer Ultra hides a high definition home entertainment center and fully functional PC. Whether you're enjoying digital content or creating it, our Xtreamer Ultra has the power, speed and expandability to match your imagination. It gives you an energy-efficient computing platform for tasks like viewing media files, surfing the internet and other networking applications.

all in one

Keep in touch, stay organized and share experiences. The Xtreamer Ultra stylish package, delivering a clutter-free way to connect to any TV or PC screen and allowing you to share photos and video, browse the web or watch your favorite movies in full HD. The simplicity you want combined with the power you need.

space saving

The Xtreamer Ultra is easy to set up in even the tightest spaces for clutter-reducing environment. Featuring a variety of compact multimedia oriented accessories that can control your stream of music, movies and more over your home network. This small wonder has a big potential.

star performance

Enjoy a major boost in power with the intelligent performance of the Intel Atom Dual Core D525 processor. You can expect:

  • Amazing digital media handling
  • Intuitive performance that adapts to your needs
  • Easy multitasking for higher productivity

geared for multitasking

This PC easily handles movies, music, and games with plenty of power to spare. You'll get:

  • Intel Atom dual-core processors for running multiple apps
  • Compatible with Windows 7 Home Premium for streamlining life on your PC
  • DDR3 memory for fast data transfer and reduced power consumption
  • Ample storage with large internal hard drive options
  • Crisp visuals with integrated nVidia graphics
geared for multitasking

total entertainment

For exceptional high-def videos and quality sound you can install to get a range of features:

  • The option of a dedicated graphics card for pumping up images and multimedia
  • Integrated Intel High Definition Audio with 7.1 surround sound
  • An optional Blu-ray DVD writer/player (reads/writes Blu-ray discs, reads HD DVDs, and reads/writes traditional DVDs and CDs)
total entertainment

highly stylish

The Xtreamer Ultra has a sleek, classic design that features:

  • A glossy black finish with silver and chrome accents
  • An illuminated power button
  • Concealed front ports for a camera, MP3 player
  • Optional portable storage via pocket media drive and bay
  • An optional USB wireless LAN card for connecting a wireless printer and other accessories

remote control

The Xtreamer Ultra comes with a MCE Remote Controller exclusively able to power on the system at the first time of the plug-in of AC power. It prides itself on delivering a fast, intuitive, convenient and rich media experience for the multimedia entertainments.

technical highlights

  • Intel® Atom™ D525 processor (1.8 GHz, dual-core)
  • Intel® NM10 Express chipset
  • Next-Generation NVIDIA® ION™ graphics processor
  • 16 unified shaders
  • ALC892 HD Audio platform
  • 512MB DDR3 video memory
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM memory
  • NVIDIA® 3DTV PLAY technology
  • X-Aiwi MOTION GAMING technology
  • Silent HYBRID Passive Cooling with liquid cooling fan & heat sink
  • NVIDIA® CUDA™ technology
  • NVIDIA® PureVideo™ HD technology
  • Compact Portable Design
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Optional USB Antenna 802.11n WiFi
  • Optional eSATA Bluray Drive
  • Optional USB BluRay Drive

The Xtreamer Ultra comes built in with nVidia ION2
GT218 40nm based GPU is built with 727 million
transistors. Core clock rate is 550MHz, shader clock at 1375MHz with support for DirectX 10.1, Shader 4.1, Dual Link DVI, DisplayPort, VGA. It has 512MB DDR3 memory at 800MHz on a 64bit interface for greater memory bandwidth and four times as many SPs as the GeForce 8400 GS.
The Xtreamer Ultra GPU encapsulate 32 shader processors, a 64-bit memory interface, 12.8GB/s of memory bandwidth, and a 22W power envelope. Despite the specifications, the GT218 will supposedly share its host card with 512MB of GDDR3 RAM, and it will have both.

The ION 2 is intended to address these weak points. It offers a better 3D performance, (digital) monitor outputs (HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, and VGA), video acceleration with PureVideo HD (since Flash 10.1 also for Internet Videos in HD) and CUDA for using the computing power of the GPU.

OpenGL Compliance:

PS Version:

VS Version:

Fragment Pipelines:

Texture Units:

Raster Operators:

Vertex Pipelines:

The Xtreamer Ultra is equipped with a high-
performance 7.1+2 Channel High Definition Audio
Codecs providing 10 DAC channels that simultaneously support 7.1 sound playback, plus 2 channels of independent stereo sound output (multiple streaming) through the front panel stereo outputs. The series integrates two stereo ADCs that can support a stereo microphone, and feature Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC), Beam Forming (BF), and Noise Suppression (NS) technology.

All analog IO are input and output capable, and headphone amplifiers are also integrated at each analog output. All analog IOs can be re-tasked according to user’s definitions, or automatically switched depending on the connected device type.

Support for 16/20/24-bit S/PDIF input and output offers easy connection of PCs to high-quality consumer electronic products such as digital decoders and speakers.

The series incorporates Realtek proprietary converter technology to achieve 97dB dynamic range playback quality and 90dB dynamic range recording quality, and is designed for Windows Vista premium desktop and laptop systems.

It also supports host/soft audio from the Intel ICH series chipset, and also from any other HDA compatible audio controller. With EAX/Direct Sound 3D/I3DL2/A3D compatibility, and excellent software utilities like Karaoke mode, environment emulation, software equalizer, HRTF 3D positional audio, and optional Dolby® Digital Live, DTS® CONNECT™, and Dolby® Home Theater programs, the Xtreamer Ultra provides an excellent home entertainment package and game experience for PC users.

Xtreamer Ultra
Foxconn nT330i
  Internal HDD       Both supports internal 2.5” upto maximum available capacity.  
  CPU   Intel Atom D525
Dual Core 1.83hz
  Intel Atom 330 Dual
Core 1.6hz
  The D525 is faster and optimized for full HD 1080p  
  GPU   nVidia ION2   nVidia ION1   The Xtreamer ultra is built with Next-generation NVIDIA® ION™ graphics which energize your PC with over 10 times the performance of integrated graphics. Go beyond simple Internet browsing with a mediasavvy ION GPU. Experience full 1080p video on sites like YouTube HD or from Blu-Ray discs. Play the most popular PC games like World of Warcraft or accelerate popular video and photo apps, boosting performance of editing and converting videos, face tagging photos, and much more.  
  HDMI TYPE   HDMI 1.4a   HDMI 1.3      
  3D Support          
  Motion Gaming          
  Sound Chip   ALC892   ALC888   high end chip vs entry level  
  eSATA       eSATA reaches transfer rates of at least triple those of USB 2.0. Unlike USB and FireWire interfaces, eSATA does not have to translate data between the interface and the PC.  
  USB interface   USB 2.0   USB 2.0   USB 3 is not currently supported with many linux and windows OS versions. We decided to retain compatibility and avoid kernel and drivers issues of premature usb 3  
  RAM Type   DDR 3   DDR 2   DDR3 uses significantly less power, and can run much faster.DDR3, on the other hand, can run from 800-2133 MT/s and 6400-17066 MB/s.In regards to the I/O bus clock, DDR2 is only available between 200-800 MHz, whereas DDR3 supports from 400-1600 MHz  
  WLAN Type   802.11n   802.11g   The Foxcon comes from factor with built in slow and old generation wifi standard. should user want to move to external Wifi 802.11n clashes of drivers and instability may be the result  
      RTL8111E Single-Chip Gigabit Ethernet Controller has won a prestigious “Best Choice of COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2010 Award”; an award recognized and given by an evaluation committee comprised of experts from the industry, academia, media, and government. The innovative Realtek RTL8111E is the world’s first Singlec h i p G i g a b i t Ethernet Controller to implement the power-saving IEEE 802.3az standard  
  Pre Installed
  Pre compiled USB Boot OS with kernel and drivers preconfigured     Easy plug n play for most common HTPC tasks  
  Yes. MCE optimized.     You don't need to buy external USB Irda and additional Remote control that has to be configured per each software  
  ext BluRay
      the foxcon probably will have problems with Bluray drives due to the lack of bit-streaming support and slower CPU  
  Ram Capacity
from factor
  4 Giga RAM DD3     you don't need to research and buy separately the RAM module.  
  Power Up
from RC
      The Xtreamer Ultra comes from factor with MCE Remote Controller which is exclusively able to power on the system at the first time of the plug-in of AC power. It prides itself on delivering a fast, intuitive, convenient and rich media experience for the multimedia entertainments.  
  Cooling   Hybrid Passive & active cooling with silent 24dBA special fan   40 dBA fan, 5600 RPM (Model No: NFB61A05H)   we designed the xtreamer ultra to serve you in the most silent demanding environments  
KeySonic (Mini Keyboard OEM)
EUR 53,28
Hama MCE Remote Control
EUR 20,48
EUR 46,29
8 GB USB Stick
EUR 15,34
HDMI 1.4a Cable
EUR 9,99

ASRock ION 3D Desktop-PC
EUR 382,99
Acer Revo 100 AMD Desktop-PC
EUR 488,25

Aeon Skin Illustration


Xtreamer Ultra Specs

Product Name
Xtreamer Ultra

Operating System
Linux Pre-Compiled, Optimized and Configured for the Ultra
is inside the USB Stick ready for booting

Microsoft® Windows® 7 / 7 64-bit / Vista™ / Vista™ 64-bit /
XP / XP 64-bit compliant - Not Included. Drivers Supplied inside
the USB stick.

MCE Addons and Community Packages
nVidia 3DTV Play Trial Edition (for windows 7)
X-Aiwi Software (for windows 7)
CamTrax Software (for windows 7)

Samsung 4GB DDR3 (SO-DIMM/204pin/DDR3-1333/PC3-10600)

*Due to the operating system limitation,
the actual memory size may be less than 4GB
for the reservation for system usage under Windows® 32-bit OS.
For Windows® 64-bit OS with 64-bit CPU,
there is no such limitation.
Hard Disk
Supports 1 x 2.5-inch SATA 3.0 Gb/s HDD/SSD

Intel® Atom® D525 (dual-core, 1.8 GHz)

NVIDIA® GT218-ION Graphics, NVIDIA® 3DTV Play Capable

Chipset IO
NM10, NCT5577D

Video Memory
512MB DDR3

Display Options
HDMI (w/audio), DVI-I, VGA (with included adapter)

eSATA 3.0 Gb/s port

Gigabit LAN Ethernet
10/100/1000Mbps (RTL8111E)

External USB Antenna 802.11n WiFi (Optional)

USB Ports
6 USB 2.0 (4 on back panel, 2 on front panel)

Onboard analog stereo high-definition audio (ALC892)
7.1-Channel LPCM digital audio (HDMI)
Optical Digital S/PDIF audio output

IR port
IRDA 1.0

DirectX® Support
DirectX® 10.1 with Shader Model 4.1

Other Features
OpenCL compliant, OpenGL® 3.2 compatible, NVIDIA®
PhysX® ready, NVIDIA® CUDA™ ready, NVIDIA® PureVideo™ HD technology


Software Features
nView® Multi-Display
Aiwi (for Win7)
nVidia 3DTV Play Trial (for Win)
Camtrax Windows Controller App

*Due to VGA driver limitation, 3D function only supports
Windows® 7 / 7 64-bit / Vista™ / Vista™ 64-bit.
HTPC Capability
Windows® 7 with Aero® user interface and DirectCompute compatible
Boxee, XBMC, MediaPortal Compatible
Live CD or PreCompiled Linux compatible

Optional Accessories
USB Mini Keyboard, USB WIFI 802.11n, USB BluRay Combo,
USB LifeCam, USB HDD Docking Station, USB TV Tuner

5.65 cm(W) x 21.3 cm(H) x 14.2 cm(D)


Whats in the package
Xtreamer Ultra (HDD not included)
MCE Remote Control with 2 "AAA" batteries
8 GB USB Stick with Linux Pre-configured Boot OS
Li-ION Mini Wireless Keyboard with mouse pad
HDMI Cable 1.4a (1.5m)
AC Adapter
VGA 2 DVI adpater
Quick start guide

*The specification is subject to change without notice in advance.
The brand and product names are trademarks of their respective companies.
Any configuration other than original product specification is not guaranteed.

The Xtreamer Company is willing to promote the open source community. Grants of up to 10,000 Euro will be given to the winners projects. Xtreamer Company invite open source developers to use the xtreamer ultra as their selected machine for coding and development of their projects. The company will grant 3 projects selected. The projects should promote the open source community and the development of internet media playback and streaming. The offer will be kept open until 1.9.2011

A panel of 7 senior members of our community and external advisors from and behalf our company will select the 3 winning projects. The Selection will be made and announced on 1.10.2011 The projects offered should be able to demonstrate new exciting and innovative ways to use the xtreamer ultra. Projects that will not be applicable will not be accepted. Any projects that are already being implemented or used on previous xtreamer devices will not be accepted for entry.. Optional projects maybe be localization of open source projects, upgrade to current softwares, educational platforms or promoting the usage of the open source platform. The criteria for the selection of the winning projects should be based on clear measurable standards, tight deadlines, application and technological innovation and probability. The enhancement of any existing open source project via our xtreamer ultra are more than welcome.

The registration is open to all open source communities without limitation. The pre-requisite for registration requires compliance with the Creative Commons and GPL rules and regulations.
Any project based on GNU, python, Pearl, QT, Mozilla, Apache are welcome.